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Laughter Yoga Wellness Training – with optional certification

Laughter Yoga Wellness Training sessions are a great opportunity for anyone to take their knowledge and personal experience of laughter to the next level.

Whether you simply want to bring more joy into your daily life, reacquaint yourself with your own laughter & inner child that somehow got lost somewhere on the road of life, or wish to bring laughter within your own professional practice, The Laughter Studio now offers a variety of options to accommodate your personal level of interest, time availability and budget.

You can choose to join us on Day 1 only of any 2-day training sessions for an inspiring introduction to the concept of unconditional laughter. You will learn about the philosophy, history and benefits of laughter yoga, while practising a wide variety of laughter exercises combined with deep breathing and other meditational techniques.

If you wish to be come a Laughter Professional or acquire more specific tools & techniques to lead laughter sessions in a variety of environments, then you can join us for an entire 2-day training session. A Laughter Yoga Leader Certification is a unique internationally recognized designation. Laughter Yoga is a unique concept, and a person needs to be trained as a Laughter Leader to acquire the skills necessary to successfully lead a group of people through a complete Laughter Yoga session from beginning to end. During the training, you will learn just that using various techniques for a variety of group size, venues and environments: social clubs, companies, associations, corporate organizations, seniors, school children, hospitals, special needs groups, etc. 

Both training days are highly experiential and allow the participants to have fun while learning valuable skills to build more resiliency against life challenges for a more positive outlook on life while spreading more joy around you.

Note 1: Certification is OPTIONAL. People can choose to attend Day 1 only or Day 1 & 2 without certification at a lower cost. The certification itself can then be obtained at a later date for an additional fee.

Note 2: Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders are not authorized to certify others as leaders.

Note 3: We provide in-house training for companies. Contact us for more details.

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The certification is of added value for numerous professionals – to name a few

  • HR professionals
  • Corporate trainers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Professional Speakers
  • Alternative Therapists and Healers
  • Recreation Activity Facilitators
  • Yoga/Tai Chi Teachers
  • Physical Fitness Trainers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychologists and Psychotherapists
  • Nurses, Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Health Care Workers
  • Senior Centre Staff
  • School Staff
  • Teachers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists


This is what some of our graduates have said…

  • The Laughter Yoga training with Marjorie was one of the funnest and most welcoming training sessions I have ever attended. She provided me with the confidence, knowledge and most important, the ability to let loose and be silly that I needed to become the laughter instructor I am today. Since taking the training I have started an on-going laughter yoga group that meets once a week to laugh our stresses away, as well as provided a number of one off laughter yoga sessions to schools and various community organizations in the Northumberland area. I am grateful that I discovered Laughter Yoga, as it has helped me to open my mind, heart and spirit to the wonders that laughter can bring to one’s life. –Mandy McC.

  • Marjorie is not only a gifted instructor, she’s a wonderful and passionate human being. She always speaks from her heart and is able to pass on her knowledge with the ease of an artist. I’d put off taking Marjorie’s class for far too long always having had what I perceived as more important commitments. When I finally did take her training, I wished I had done so sooner, as I know it would have made a difference in my life. The entire weekend was filled with heartfelt genuine and infectious laughter which made learning fun and the time fly by. I learned so much and am finding myself using her instructions in my everyday life. Situations that may have aggravated me in the past now seem trivial and I’m able to laugh about them and at myself as well. I’m eternally grateful as she has helped me change my life for the better.–Leonard D.

  • Marjorie, I am so grateful to you, for enriching my life! Thank you.

  • Marjorie is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher. She possesses a warm and expressive personality. She is knowledgeable and confident in leading the training session.

  • THANK YOU for a wonderful CLYL Training week-end and for filling my heart with laughter!

  • I've learned to give myself and others permission to laugh...–Isabel

  • I've laughed more this weekend than my entire childhood! Very good and helpful information.

  • Very good training! A lot of learning! Helpful for life.

  • Marjorie is very helpful and approachable. She has a great rapport with the participants! She always check in with us. I will recommend her course! Thanks so much.

  • Marjorie: Thank you so much! It was fantastic. I really like your style. I loved everything. icon smile Workshops & Training –Arie