Maria Senise: Being Ridiculous Is Absolutely Necessary

We laughed so fricken hard that day, my lungs hurt. It felt SO good. Sometimes, nothing beats acting completely silly, off-the-chain ridiculous, and just kind of stupid simply because you can. I needed that day.

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Study on the “Effects of Workplace Laughter Groups on Personal Efficacy Beliefs”

Excellent study on the “Effect of Workplace Laughter Groups on Personal Efficacy Beliefs

This study measured the impact of a purposeful aerobic laughter  on
employees’ sense of self-efficacy in the workplace. Participants met for 15-minute sessions on 15 consecutive workdays and engaged in a guided program of non-humor dependent laughter. The outcome measure was a significant increase in several different aspects of self-efficacy, including self-regulation, optimism, positive emotions, and social identification, and they maintained these gains at follow-up.

The conclusion?

“Purposeful laughter is a realistic, sustainable, and generalizable intervention that enhances employees’ morale, resilience, and personal efficacy beliefs!”



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