Positive Teams Are More Productive

All managers would like their teams to be more productive. Yet most companies are using the same old methods: strategic plans, goal-setting, streamlining operations, reducing inefficiency. Others are offering employee perks, such as on-site food, daycare, or gyms. Others are offering bigger bonuses or flexible schedules.

Research-based ways to make your employees happier.

Source: Positive Teams Are More Productive

Millennial How-To: What Make This Generation Happy at Work?

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, yet data shows they are dissatisfied. Why? Find out what senior leaders can do to foster a happy and productive work environment for millennials.

Millennials are being overt about their needs, it is up to organizations to heed their call and execute accordingly. As I pointed out above, the two most influential factors on millennial happiness at work are work/life balance and positive recognition. These two things can only be achieved through a data-driven strategy fed directly through employee feedback. Organizations’ will never know what they want and they won’t be able to congratulate them for work well done without them.

Source: Millennial How-To: What Make This Generation Happy at Work?

Add A Little Laughter In The Workplace To See Big Results

“Studies show that there is a direct correlation between being physically relaxed and motor skill acuity, task completion, team interaction, idea generation, creativity and the list goes on and on. You don’t have to look much further than a high school basketball coach who reminds his players to ‘have fun out there, guys!’ If they’re tense and nervous, they simply won’t be at their best. It’s usually the team who ‘has nothing to lose’ that ends up shooting the lights out from all over the floor, while the top-ranked Bulldogs, for example, feel the pressure of all the expectations and suddenly forget how to make a simple layup or pass the ball out of bounds,” …

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