Be better at stress. Become awesome, happy leaders. Build engaging teams. Create positive workplace cultures.
Mental health and the negative effects of chronic stress are serious business.
We take conscious play, mindful laughter, intentional fun and ‘happiness at work’ just as seriously.
‘Happy is the NEW Productivity’ and it’s time to get back to the basics.

Based in Toronto, Canada, our extensive experience delivering innovative laughter and mindfulness-based workshops and presentations for the past decade provides us with a deep understanding of the benefits of positivity and happiness in the workplace. Over decades of research have now shown that happiness is not just a subjective emotion. The latest science shows happiness as the frequency and balance of positive versus negative emotions that can be improved with structured, practical skills, tools and effort. Our mission is to help create awareness that sustainable ‘happiness at work’ is achievable with simple sets of skills that can be learned, taught and practised in an engaging manner. We help to empower organizations and their employees with the structured knowledge and skills required to improve their well-being and to start creating a more positive and fun workplace environment. By finding the Work-Laugh balance, we believe that practising sustainable happiness improves personal well-being, team resiliency and organizational culture. That’s a win-win-win!

What Problems At Work Does Practicing Happiness Address?

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We believe that everyone deserves to be happy at work.


We work with organizations who wish to help improve their employees’ well-being and start to create a more positive, engaging, productive and resilient workplace culture. From simple lunch & learns to in-depth full-day experiential workshops, we design, develop and deliver innovative, cutting-edge, science-backed, seriously fun experiential workshops and presentations for professional development and positive personal growth in the workplace.

“A positive and engaged workforce is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy.”
We do not laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh.
Our presentations and workshops are 100% evidence-based and science-backed; however, this does not mean they are dry and boring: we always strive to deliver them in a professional, engaging and experiential manner. Each of them is a unique balance of mindful, experiential and serious yet fun exercises and research-based learning:

• Innovative laughter and mindfulness-based exercises for a fun group and individual practice of the latest cutting-edge science-backed stress and well-being management techniques. An instant vacation!

• Formal and informal presentations of the latest and most important research-based findings in the fields of Positive Psychology, Laughter-Based Stress Reduction, Neuroscience, Mindfulness Meditation, Emotional Intelligence and the Science of Happiness at Work.

“Recent survey showed that when it comes to what employees believe most constitutes ‘company caring’ in wellness programs, the tangible aspects are less important than emotional, intellectual and work relationship ‘intangibles’.”
PRESENTATIONS 1-to-2 Hours Presentations for up to 200 Conference Participants.
• Keynotes; formal and semi-formal presentations.


• All our presentations are 100% evidence-based on the latest and most important scientific studies. They are presented in a fun, engaging and experiential way.


• Includes Laughter-based energizers and stress busters.


• The more time allotted, the more we are able to share the latest findings in more depth and step the participants through more experiential laughter-based group and individual tools and exercises.


“Recent survey showed that when it comes to what employees believe most constitutes ‘company caring’ in wellness programs, the tangible aspects are less important than emotional, intellectual and work relationship ‘intangibles’.”
Professional/Personal Development Workshops for Sustainable Happiness at Work for up to 60 Participants.

• Workshops include focused presentations, experiential learning, fun and engaging group and individual workshop exercises, laughter energizers/stress busters, debriefs, discussions and takeaway tools/techniques to improve happiness and positivity at your workplace.


• Certain workshops include reference postcard, takeaway handouts and web access to additional online tools, summaries and takeaways.


• All workshops are facilitated by an experienced corporate trainer in either English or French.


• Includes a 20-30 minutes consultation call to learn more about your current workplace situation, your audience and what the participants should ideally take away.

“If you can laugh together, you can work together.”



For 1 Hour Per Week of Wellness Program...





With Happy and Engaged Employees…



Studies Show Positive, Engaged, Happy Organizations Experience:



“I have to say this is a must have for any professional conference. [The presenter] is a delight to be around and has the gift of providing a comfortable and safe environment for all attendees. The air was truly 'lighter' after we finished the sessions. Thank you for An Amazing Workshop!”
“The Interaction and Engagement was just what they needed and it certainly put a smile on every face in the room.
“I learned so much and am finding myself using the instructions in my everyday life. I’m eternally grateful as [the trainer] has helped me Change My Life For The Better.
“The group was on their feet, interacting with each other and of course laughing. I highly recommend Laughter Wellness for Team Building or any group large or small. It is a ‘Feel Good’ experience!
“This will be our 'mantra' this competition season! We are laughing hard just remembering the fun time we had. P.S.: We won the top prize at the regatta... so THAT proves that laughter works to Bring The Team Together!”
“(...) situations that may have aggravated me in the past now seem trivial and I’m able to laugh about them and at myself as well!
“I consider myself to be a friendly/bubbly person, but the course allowed me to see what Going The Extra Mile will do for people [at work] and in my life.
“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for our session yesterday. You are Excellent at what you do. Please refer me to [those] who are questioning whether they should use your service. Many thanks, many times.”
“Thank you again for A Wonderful Workshop! I have to admit I have been very much happier all week and have even managed to practice it a few times when I found myself getting upset. I could not stop Raving About It to my friends.”
“[The trainer] facilitated what was not only A Great Ice-Breaker, but A Fun and Useful Experience. We take home a resource that can make our day better, and our outlook brighter. Thank you!”
“I love how good this session made me feel and how everyone was so engaged. I wanted More of This Moment.”
“Being co-workers in a stressful industry, we were able to remind each other in the following weeks of the various techniques learned in your session. I would Highly Recommend your technique...  Thank you!”
“I’ve been wanting to let you know that the training and conference had quite an impact on me.  I’ve been A Happier Person. I am amazed on the difference in outlook.  I can’t thank you enough for making that happen. I really appreciated the training – thank you so much.  Nothing has had that much impact on me!”
"You introduced us all to something New and Fun. We are all still talking about it, and some staff from other departments were very interested in it after they heard all of us talking to others about it. "
“Thank you for an amazing ‘Laughter and Meditation' event! It was A Huge Success. Nobody wanted to leave!
"Thank you kindly for providing your wonderful services. Your sessions today were highly regarded and thoroughly enjoyed... We will use your techniques and fondly remember our wonderful experience..."

We love to work with our clients, and our clients love to work with us!

“89% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.”


"Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts engagement and well-being, and spurs not only creativity and collaboration but also analytic precision and productivity."


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“There is little success where there is little laughter.”

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